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Individual, Couples & Family Psychotherapy in Ballard

Statement of My Therapeutic Philosophy

All aspects of our lives have purpose and importance and deserve the chance to thrive. The level of health which produces satisfaction and pleasure, while allowing us to live from our deepest truth is not only possible, but vital!  

From this vantage point, I help you in all areas of your life; Spiritual, emotional and physical, as each affects the well being of the whole. 

I work with you to help determine which piece or pieces are in need of care at any given moment. I like to find out what is healthy for you, the client, in your own view and work from there to discover how I can best help. I will assist you in uncovering the root of the problem(s) or behavior(s), not just the symptoms accompanying them.

I use a variety of modalities including, but not limited to; 
  • Person Centered Therapy
  • Life Span Integration Therapy
  • EMDR Level I & II Trained
  • Narrative Therapy and 
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Here are some highlights of my feelings about psychotherapy:

We humans are more like each other than we are different from each other. 

All of my life experiences and my own work in therapy have taught me much more than any formal education could ever hope to.  

I believe the therapeutic relationship is as important as the method of psychotherapy used and in some cases more. 

I think the treatment protocol is best arrived at through a collaborative effort from all the parties involved. 

The process of psychotherapy facilitates a privileged and sacred relationship that is influenced by a Power greater than all the parties present.
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Clients Served
  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Families
  • Adolescents and 
  • Young Adults 
Areas of Expertise

Relationship Issues
Addictions Recovery
  • Drugs/alcohol
  • Sex/love
  • Codependency
Family of Origin
  • Culture of Origin 
  • Eco-systemic issues 
Grief and Loss Issues
  • Survivors of suicide
  • Loss of a family member
  • Loss of a relationship both professional and intimate, etc. 
Life Transitions
Total Well-Being 
Occupational Alignment
  • Life purpose/goals
  • Career choices

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