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Deepest truth


Your deepest truth is a vague reality when your life is not being lived at a level that allows for the possibility of natural happiness. The tools needed are not available unless an open mind and heart are present. When your life doesn't work, and you are suffering, there is usually a limiting and unexamined assumption about the way the world works that is no longer true for you. If you are given the space and tools to look deeply at these assumptions, you find a new possibility, a new freedom to live from your deepest truth.




What is spirituality? There’s been so many definitions and explanations regarding this question. Spirituality can be described as the personal path of the soul consciousness, the “one destination, with many paths,” which each of us are free and empowered to consciously choose.


Family of origin

Family of origin work typically looks at the family you were born into and your parents' background. Therapy involves analysing family messages, values, communication styles, traditions and ways of dealing with feelings.

Family of origin work can help individuals to:

Existential dilemmas


Existential dilemmas are internal conflicts arising from the ongoing, inescapable confrontation with the givens of human existence, such as isolation, death, powerlessness, and the desire for meaning.


Sexual polarity


"Sexual polarity (the magnetic pull or repulsion between the Masculine and Feminine) affects all our lives. A few moments of sexual polarity can cause the memory of your trip to the supermarket to linger in your mind for hours or even days. Total strangers can raise your body temperature, cause your face to blush and make your heart pound. On the other hand, when sexual polarity is weak in our intimate relationships, we begin to feel that something is missing, and we often blame our partners or ourselves." David Deida


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